– Andrei Tarkovsky


24-year-old Nick first heard his imaginary friend talk back to him when he was in primary school. The voice, which called itself “Mister Wolfe”, spoke to him regularly and became what Nick called a “permanent friend”. Mister Wolfe even encouraged Nick to make real life friends.


When Nick hit puberty, Mister Wolfe changed. Instead of helping Nick make friends, he was jealous, passive-aggressive, and snarky. Eventually, Mister Wolfe asked Nick to just be called “Wolfe”, which is when Nick’s life took a turn for the worse.

Wolfe shifted from being a permanent friend to a manifestation of schizophrenic symptoms – telling Nick that he was a spirit of a wolf stuck in his body, and that Nick would need to kill himself so that Wolfe could be free.


For 11 years, and through multiple suicide attempts, Nick lived with a violent enemy in his head. At 24, for the first time, he told the full story to a camera.

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